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Re: Cason Two-Story 20x40 Texas update 10/10/07
« Reply #225 on: September 29, 2010, 03:39:59 AM »
Hello  :D

I am a "newbie" ...hehe....and I must say I am so impressed with all of these beautiful homes you guys built yourselves! WOW!

I joined up on this forum today for an obvious reason, my husband and I are seriously trying to figure out and plan what our next step is in life. We just moved into a new home in a new town less then one year ago-due to a job change. We love this town and this home, but we are in a bit over our heads with the mortgage payment, high utilities , etc etc. We have two small boys and we just don't want to blow our money away every month on the house and living in it! It is our biggest home together yet, a little over 2000 sq ft. We thought we "needed" this extra space with the boys growing and what not. We are a pretty simple family, we do not have many "things" to fill this house...and we realize we actually do not "need" the extra space as much as we thought..and the cost to live here is just not worth it to us! So, we have been talking about our options. Downsizing a bit. My husband is amazing with finances and a great saver. We would like to be able to pay cash for our next house and not have a mortgage if we can! We know of some land for cheap that we are looking into right now. We may go ahead and purchase the land now..and then plan this project over the next 2 or 3 years and save up a little for it. I wish we were as amazing as all of you are and had the time and the skill to build it ourselves! I am not sure about that part..but...we are going to look around and are hoping to maybe find some nice Amish fella's (we are in lancaster county pa :) ) that would like to help us with this project. My husband is good in wood he can probably make our cabinets and do some of it...but other parts he just doesn't feel he would have the time or skill. We have NO clue what the cost of this would look like in the end..but we are aiming for around 50-80,000 MOST. If we could spend less..that would be amazing.

The thought of not having a mortgage payment and cutting down on our utilities and living even MORE simply then we do now is so inviting! Even though we have some years before this would happen I have started looking at our home options and plans. I LOVE the Victoria Cottage and have enjoyed looking at the photo's from those who are working on theirs. BEAUTIFUL! To live in this home would be a dream come true :) I am wondering if we have a basement (husband would like a garage if possible and affordable) if that would help with space and storage for a family of 4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the upstairs loft rooms and the options there..and also the extra side room...that you can add a loft there as well. I am already dreaming about making that room our office (we homeschool) and making the loft above our little bedroom or sleeping quarters.  We have such a big bedroom here and while it is feels like wasted space to me! What I also love about that type of home is that as we "age" or if something unfortunate happens, we can turn the "office/study" room into our bedroom and be on one level. That is very inviting!

Having your price list is helpful! It helps me to see how much and what we can do on our own..and possibly what I can expect to have help with it. Which I know is going to up the price quite a bit.

Sorry for rambling....this is so new to us and while I am so excited about the possibilities...I am nervous and curious and wondering and unsure all at once!! This forum is very helpful :)

Until the next adventure...

Meghan from PA :)

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Re: Cason Two-Story 20x40 Texas update 10/10/07
« Reply #226 on: May 18, 2011, 05:29:24 PM »
Hey guys... Its been a long time! I have a few shots to share..

The hardest part is getting past the mental blocks about what you are capable of doing.
Cason 2-Story Project MY PROGRESS PHOTOS


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