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Title: Land for Sale In North-Central PA
Post by: uncleicy on May 22, 2013, 08:10:50 AM
Hello. We've got about 1.09 acres for sale in Sullivan County, PA in the village of Wheelerville. There is currently a small-ish cabin on the property in very poor repair. It's also got a barn site and a grandfathered-in outhouse. Borders a small stream. Electricity via the local co-op. Neighbors all have wells and sand mound septic systems. We'd like to get 20k for it. Please, no lowball offers. If no one wants to buy at that price, taxes are low enough to justify just holding on to it. And no, we have not leased anything to a gas interest. If interested, you can drop an email to jgdangelo at gee mail dot comm. Thanks for looking.
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