CountryPlans Site Down Tues. morning Jan 30th

Started by jraabe, January 30, 2007, 01:29:42 PM

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A server supporting our site crashed last night and was just repaired this morning (around 10:15 am Pacific time).

It was an unusually long string of problems (power supply blew, then replacement power supply also crashed, finally they rebuilt the entire server with new hardware and reinstalled and rebooted the hard drives).

At any rate we should be back up and running and I apologize for the break in service. Hopefully the withdrawal symptoms weren't too painful  :D


I tried for 20 minutes this morning at 4 AM before I left for work.  I just couldn't believe it was gone. :'(


Must have been you who broke it!  :)

Shouldn't you have been getting some sleep at 4 am?


Went to bed about 11 - had to get up for work in Stockton at 4AM  --- worried about time to get up so woke up at 2:30AM - didn't sleep much til 4 --- got up and the site was GONE. :(

Maybe I did break it. :-?