Image Shack problems

Started by jraabe, January 13, 2006, 06:53:53 PM

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I just sent ImageShack a donation today as it has been working well for us to upload images to post on the forums.

However, it has been running slow for several days and appears to have crashed today as images I posted would not refresh on the forum post.

Anyone else having this issue? Know of another service we can use?

Here's the two I've tried:



I switched to Photobucket

It keeps your images in files so you can find them again - allows resizing -

I think Daddymem got me started on it.

Here is a new one that allows 30 seconds of audio with each picture, but it only keeps them for a year free then you have an option for another free year- It bothers me that my stuff may disappear if I miss renewing.