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Owner-Builder Projects / 14x24 - OffGrid in Arizona Des...
Last post by ajbremer - June 05, 2022, 07:57:03 AM
This is my 14x24 (2x4) house I'm building here in Cochise County Arizona. It's almost 4 feet off the ground. This also is the 3rd house I've built, the first one was a 20x30 and the second one was a 14x24 with dormers. I posted my builds here years ago but photobucket messed up all my pictures and I have yet to fix those past posts. (I don't think I'll ever forgive Photobucket for doing what they did.) Some day I hope to take the time to put all the pics back in their place.

I sold the other 2 houses I built, I sure hope this will be the last one because I'm approaching 70 years old and I think I just want to sit and play some Chet Atkins tunes on my guitar instead of having to work on building a house.

I'm not a pro builder, my bird mouth cuts never seem to be right, rafter angle cuts at the ridge board never seem to be perfect, so don't expect greatness from my build.

I'll post a few pics to start and I'll try my best to continually update.

First House:

Second House:

Working on this now:

Referral Links / Re: Truss Calculators
Last post by Medeek - June 05, 2022, 01:51:49 AM
Version 3.1.6 - 06.05.2022
- Enabled ceiling insulation for common trusses: Batt, Blown-in.
- Enabled ceiling insulation for monopitch trusses: Batt, Blown-in.
- Added an insulation layer in the global settings.

I still have a lot of work with regards to insulation and numerous other truss types and rafter roofs.
Referral Links / Re: Wall Plugin for SketchUp
Last post by Medeek - June 03, 2022, 12:29:17 AM
Version 2.8.8 - 06.02.2022
- Added Simpson Strong-Tie "High Strength" wood shearwalls to the SSW module: 24", 18" and 12".

I don't think the older Simpson wood shearwalls are available for purchase anymore from Simpson but I left them in just in case someone has a need for them.
Referral Links / Re: Wall Plugin for SketchUp
Last post by Medeek - June 02, 2022, 05:18:40 PM
There entire WSWH Strong-Wall series is now available in the warehouse:
Referral Links / Re: Wall Plugin for SketchUp
Last post by Medeek - May 29, 2022, 01:29:32 PM
The current system of setting the wall framing material in the global settings is not flexible enough.  Let's assume you want to have some steel framed walls and also some wood frame walls in the same model/file, the current system really does not allow for this concurrent use of different wall types as it stands now.  The wall framing material needs to be on a per wall basis...  working on it.
General Forum / Re: Garage Ideas
Last post by NathanS - May 23, 2022, 04:58:57 PM
Looks like the wait times aren't as bad as I thought. They are back down to around 15 weeks, which seems way more reasonable than 2023. We decided to do 12 wide by 9 high. This way each side of the door gets a full width sheet of OSB for bracing.

Another thing I'm planning after the block is digging out for the piers on the lean-to. I really want to keep the posts up out of the ground, so it looks like either trench form or slice a 16" sonotube to 8" thickness, pour that with a stick of bent rebar to tie into a 12" sonotube to grade.

I think it is what it is, but it looks like the standard post bracket that goes with an anchor bolt is like $22. Almost as much as the PT post.

General Forum / Re: Garage Ideas
Last post by NathanS - May 20, 2022, 06:15:07 AM
I'm going to have to call around to see what kind of wait times I'm looking at.

I need to commit to the width as the block for my 2' stemwalls is getting here today. I am thinking 10-12' wide by 9' tall. I didn't realize they could be rated as high as R19, that is crazy.

I may insulate the stemwalls eventually, but opted not to insulate under the slab. It can be hard to decide where to draw the line when building - you can always do more. I figured the wood stove will fight the slab either way, and to just get a big stove with air tubes that can really push out BTUs fast. The days in the winter where I will have time to be in there all day are few and far between. Mainly will be a few hours here and there.
General Forum / Re: Garage Ideas
Last post by Ernest T. Bass - May 19, 2022, 09:41:59 PM
Just got the garage door installed on a pole barn I built last fall.. took most of the winter to get it. It's an 8' door with a standard track, and I was able to install w/ 9' sidewalls. Tight fit.. only a couple inches to the truss, and no garage door opener.
General Forum / Re: Garage Ideas
Last post by MountainDon - May 19, 2022, 01:39:27 PM
I can vouch for the shortage on garage doors. We ordered a replacement 5 section overhead, 16 ft wide x 9 ft tall door in early January of 2021. It was finally installed in late July of 2021. R18.8 insulation rating and I love it. Stays warm or cool much better than the old one which had some self added foam in the panels. The new one seals much better too. It is such an improvement I am thinking of installing some more solar panels and putting a mini split in there so I can heat or cool as needed.

I like the floor and the orchard to be.
General Forum / Re: Garage Ideas
Last post by NathanS - May 19, 2022, 09:37:42 AM
I was looking at an online retailer for a roll up door - though I dont like the look — the price seemed ok at $1000-2000 depending on options, then they threw another $2300 or so on for delivery! Insulating that style would also be an issue.

I definitely want to heat with a wood stove in the winter. Also dont want a critter free for all.