Solar Saltbox in Calif

Started by erasky, February 07, 2011, 09:09:40 PM

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Hi!  This site with all of it's plans and helpful posters is rockin'!   
I have a couple of questions regarding the Solar Saltbox.
1.  Will it be easy to permit in earthquake prone Calif?  (anybody have any problems permitting this one?)
2.  I love the sunroom, but being off the kitchen window, how do you keep from being overheated while washing dishes or while needing a fresh breeze?  (tips and ideas welcome)

Thanks for reading this

John Raabe

An engineering review for earthquake zones in CA are customizations that requires a local engineer. Not all counties require this but when they do it is usually required of all plans - custom or stock. Your engineer may call out some extra hold-downs or straps in the foundation as a typical example.

The Solar Saltbox house has sliding windows and french doors between the main house and sunroom. When (in the summer) the sunroom has heat not wanted inside, keep these closed and vent the sunroom to the outside. All the main living spaces have other windows that provide for fresh air and cross ventilation.

I live in this house (in western WA) and with the sunroom vent and sunroom windows open, and the sunroom closed off from the house, the sunroom itself has never gotten more than 10ยบ F warmer than the outside air temp. This is without fans or forced ventilation. You open the windows and doors between the house and the sunroom when the sunroom has heat you can use inside the main living space.
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Thanks for such a quick response and for the information to chew on. 
Sounds nice!