Northern BC 20x36 1.5 Story Cottage.

Started by coasttocoast, June 30, 2016, 12:48:55 PM

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Looking forward to following your build!
Beautiful location.   [cool]


Beautiful building site. You and me both are battling the calendar right now to get dried in before the PNW rains set in for the next half year. My first option would be to get/beg for some helping hands out there to either get the actual roof up or something temporary built that will shed/support rain or snow.

Re: your comment on doing the roof. Ditto. I just got off of my 12:12 roof yesterday for the first time. I have a 24' ladder and that worked great for me and the back of my truck (my total building height from ground to ridge is about 19.5', but only 12' wide). I installed a cleat in the middle of the ridge and was harnessed up most of the time. This was the most intimidating part of my project, but once I got the safety equipment installed it felt much more doable.


Not to be pushy but I am anxiously awaiting an Like the nice tall windows. Curious if you can post a floor plan?