Debt-Free 30x46 build in town

Started by troy, November 29, 2017, 07:44:47 PM

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Closed on this beauty today

After years of looking and trying to save, I've yet to find the right property, but I do want to get moving in the right direction, so here we go!  The goal is $40-50k and 3-4 years (yeah, I know, it'll be twice as expensive and take twice as long).  This will be evenings and weekends only.  I have enough exposure to all the trades to mess things up real good, so I'm sure I'll be asking for plenty of help!

First task, is to strip and separate the asbestos siding, then collapse everything above the first floor.  Sometime in the spring, I'll get it hauled off.  I'll also be building a 12x16 shed (future home office) in the back of the property for storage.  Goal right now is to have the foundation in sometime in the next 12-18 months, dried in by fall of 2019, and finished in time for Christmas 2020.

Even 12-18 months before placing the foundation, one can't help but start playing with layouts.  The lot itself is 50' wide with 5' setbacks, so I'm limited to 40' in width, but to keep a driveway/carport, I'm going with 30.  I've been toying with plans ranging from 40-50' in depth, one and two levels, but haven't come to a decision yet.  I am set on 3 beds and 2 baths.  The lot should lend itself nicely to a walkout/driveout basement.

We found a really nice plan we both like with a pretty tight plumbing layout, but then she wanted a bigger bath and closet, which pushed everything out of whack.  We then looked at a two-level plan, but with a requirement that the master and laundry be on the main floor, a 2nd level doesn't really reduce the footprint very much.  After searching through hundreds of plans for inspiration, here's where I'm at.

There's still a few things to figure out, like a coat/hall closet, mud/laundry/pantry access, and the kitchen layout.  I'm really not happy with that much plumbing (looks like 3 stacks if not 4), but we do what we gotta do to get what we want, right?

I still need to figure out a hall/coat closet and if I want the mud/laundry/pantry open to the kitchen and hallway.  For the kitchen itself, I'm hoping to figure out something with an island and breakfast bar.

Here's the front elevation we fell in love with:

Then again, we may get done with demo and forget about being debt-free and just order a modular for the thing...

Thanks for looking!