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Started by jb daniels, December 01, 2004, 09:11:15 AM

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jb daniels

There was a previous chat several months ago about someone using the shredded newspaper type insulation under the raised subfloor. I am concidering this to put between my concrete slab and the raised subfloor, between the joists. Is this stuff ok, and I am worried about mice taking a liking to it and nesting in it like it was the Holiday Inn. No mice right now, but they are around as I live in the woods (schrews)...would fiberglass be better ?

John Raabe

I think I would use fiberglass in the installation you are doing.

First it will settle less than cellulose and this is most important in the floors since an airspace between the insulation and the bottom of the subfloor will compromise the R-value. Second, it is less likely to absorb moisture from the ground and the slab.

I think you will want to put down a Poly moisture barrier before framing the floor. Of course, if the floor above floods and water gets into the joist cavity, the floor will be in trouble. You might want to install some midget vents (they go into drilled holes) at the ends of the joists to let out such water and bring in a small amount of air for drying.

If you do a good job of sealing the perimeter I don't think critters will be a problem.

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