Full Foundation - Con's Please

Started by RayN, November 18, 2004, 01:23:52 PM

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I really want the little house I build out in my woods to be permenant beyond my lifetime and think that a full foundation would be a step in that direction (adds room, place for future utilities and such).  

I would appreciate others who could give me some of the pro's and con's about their experiences like how much of an expense it added, would they do it again?  Any pitfalls (no pun intended) I may not be aware of?


I think the main drawback is time and expense. For a cabin or an inexpensive house that wants to expand, a well built post and pier foundation can be a less expensive long-term solution. That's why I provide information on this updated but old-time solution.


However, nothing beats a full perimeter concrete foundation at keeping critters out, handling a less than idea soil situation (assuming you put the footings below frostline) and providing secure storage.

This is why a concrete perimeter crawlspace or basement foundation is the norm and what inspectors and home buyers are most comfortable seeing.

Of course, it is still possible to build a poor foundation out of concrete, and making major changes to old concrete is not for the timid.