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Started by Homegrown Tomatoes, January 13, 2009, 03:46:04 PM

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Ouch.  Sorry about the deal not working out.

Some sellers get very focused on top-line numbers and will take the "highest" offer even if it means they get less money at closing after concessions. 

And some sellers just want the cleanest deal possible.  They want no concessions, no contingencies, no nothin'--they don't want to do any work or any thinking.

How long has it been since you made your original offer to them? 

I've found that many sellers are like many buyers--they don't like negotiating and will reject good deals on principle if they feel the others are trying to put the squeeze on them. 

But as I once heard a landlord who advocated PAYING bad tenants to move say, it ain't the "principle" that's the thing, it's the "principal" (i.e. money)

Homegrown Tomatoes

Well, it was Jan 1st when we made our first offer to them.  Not the only offer we've had fall through so far (we've offered three times on two different places.)  There are some land properties that we like but can't get straight answers from the listing agent.  Our realtor is calling him every day, multiple times and leaving  messages, but he is just kind of flippant and doesn't seem to care if he sells it or not.  I sent our realtor a list of 13 properties (both land and houses) for us to look at this weekend.  They're all over the place, so we'll be keeping the roads hot this coming weekend... hopefully the ice will be gone by then.   ::)  Back to the drawing board.


Like I said before, some agents...

If it were me, I'd tell my guy that I have no interest in cutting anyone out and then I'd approach the other agent's sellers directly. 


Wow, HT it's a small world.  Back in the late '90s I almost bought an A-frame house about five minutes out of of Big Cedar.  I think it was on 10 acres and had a gorgeous view of the "mountains", a creek across the back and a screened in porch with four big wooden rockers.  The price was right, but it was a 9 hour drive from Houston and the neighbor (that I worked with) who showed us the place was talking about developing his 10 acres into an RV campground.  I wanted peace and solitude and few people, not the hustle and bustle of campers coming and going.

So, I didn't even make an offer on it.  But, I still think about it. 
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