SIP panel building question

Started by CodyinTexas, December 22, 2023, 01:11:02 AM

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Hello, I am new to the forum and learning more aboit SIP panels. I had a guy, years ago, that told me about he and his buddy building a sip panel home. But they had wall panels shipped to them on a truck with no windows or doors engineered into the panels. He said they attached them the same way I have read and seen on videos. But he said they got the walls up and then decided where they wanted the windows and doors and popped a chalk line on the wall where they wanted a window or door and fired up the chain saw and plunged it through the wall and cut out the opening they eanted. Then they would carve out some of the foam and put 2 x lumber in the cavity to frame it up. He also told me they would mark where they would want electrical boxes and cut a hole in the wall where the box would go and then carve out some of the foam, then one of them would climb to the top of the panel on a ladder and take a large steel ball and heat it red-hot with a torch and some kind of tongs and drop it down inside the foam between the osb and the other guy would catch the steel ball with a leather glove when it emerged from the hole they cut for the box. I am wanting to try something like this because I don't jave a lot of money to do this project. Am I delusional in thinking I can do this? This story was told to me in 2010.I think sip panel construction is very interesting. I'd like to get some feedback from some of you with way more experience than I have.

Thank you


Seems like a very expensive approach to building a small home or cabin to me.


A great idea but implementing it is difficult.