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"This project is essentially a work of "Furnitecture."  Bed + Shelves + Closets + Storage + Lamp + Dog Bed(!) = Z Box, a free-standing cube built inside a large space."

There was an article in the Globe about this.  The size of this particular unit is too big for a small place, but the concept could be played around with and a smaller DIY shouldn't be too hard.  The cube in the article has useful areas on all sides; built-in lights on the inside, closets, book shelves, a dog bed, and a broom closet.  This cube was utilized in a long narrow loft apartment with no formal bedroom.  There were better pictures in the Globe article but unfortunately this article isn't on-line (members only anyways).

It would be neat to make this self contained (perhaps an extension cord for the power) and moveable so you could shove your bedroom out of the way for more guest space and move it back when done.  This might also make a nice cozy family room in a basement and you wouldn't have to fully finish the basement, just this cube.  I can also imagine a fun kid cube playhouse bed.

This architect also did a nearly invisible sauna in the woods:
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glenn kangiser

Funny you should post this- I was thinking of posting a similar thing a couple weeks ago and was looking at building a sauna last night.  I found the cool bed again.  Good if you  want it or good if you want space saving ideas.

Heres a link to it.

http://www.costco.com/Browse/Product.aspx?Prodid=11030423&whse=BC&topnav=&cat=2209&hierPath=93*1975* ;D
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Glenn's Underground Cabin  http://countryplans.com/smf/index.php?topic=151.0

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Remember the book(s) of Nomadic Furniture by James Hennessey and Victor Papanek?

They had a bunch of modules like that, so you could build "your own little house" in whichever city apartment you had moved to.  The time I had a huge (2-car garage type) bedroom in Nashville, I separated part of it out--put in a small workroom--that way.

They also mention a "young fellow" doing cardboard furniture (multi-ply)--Frank Gehry.