Fold-Out Cabin Challenge for Tiny Sloped Lot

Started by Joe70152, August 14, 2006, 02:24:59 PM

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Time magazine's August 21 issue has a short article on tiny houses.  Some we've seen--e.g., the Katrina house, and one of the German ones.  didn't see links on the page, but searches should help.  There is a slide show.,9171,1226156,00.html

Dennis Fukai's Nest is one mentioned.  If you have broadband--or a lot of time (OK, Pun intended--sort of) you might enjoy playing with his controls to turn the house around.

Also a slightly larger version of the weeHouse.

(I've modified the next link slightly.  I think this works better)

and people looking for ideas to build might as well take a look at Fab/PreFab's "otherfab" pages.  A lot of small houses here.  Once again, some we've seen.


Some interesting concepts - I'd like to see the Sybriute (sp?) house they are planning to build in Calif. in the Silicon Valley - they're building it over a river & will use a water wheel for the power....

Still waiting to see your tree house, Amanda!  I don't think I've ever seen the picture - Glenn says he hasn't seen it either - I used to like to climb up in an old mulberry tree when I was a kid & read...  :)


QuoteHere are the floor plans, FYI

I don't thinkyou could build that home in most places nowadays. Not with ladders to get to the different areas. Neat just the same.


I think you can use ladders if an area is small enough to be considered a loft--or storage.  What can be a problem is that there are minimum room sizes.  But many parts of the country are still kinda loose on all of this, especially with a really small house.  Just pick your site carefully!  

Where I'm building I can build up to 200 sq. feet without a permit, so after I build my permitted house and modify my existing pole barn, I want to use John's free plan for a little guest house.