software issue with 20x32 1.5 story

Started by ceabrm, June 13, 2013, 06:35:51 PM

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hoping someone can clue me in what i'm doing to my poor house...

when i added the screen porch, a row of my siding disappeared and i have a view to the subfloor of the main house. if i remove the porch, the siding repairs itself. i'm using chief architect.

(we'll just ignore my magic floating deck and exposed plywood sheathing for now!)


John Raabe

It is likely there is some item in the gable end wall settings that has broken the siding that is painted on the surface of the walls. Check the wall below and compare it to the gable end wall.

My own experience with these 3D programs (even the $1,000 + ones) is that you can drive yourself crazy trying to build a perfect 3D model. There are kids that can learn it, but I use them for for floor plans and sections and combine the print outs with hand added notes and details. Don't get caught in the digital undertow.
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