Holy beams and connectors Batman....

Started by willie1280, March 13, 2013, 09:43:45 PM

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Ok, so i just purchased the 20' wide 1.5 story plans.

Question 1:
The plan appears to make 2 notes regarding the beams that run the 30' direction.  The first one says if you have  heavy snow loads to use a Glulam beam.  Then it says if site built, i should use (4) 2x12's.  Then the other note begins with what appears to be a spec for a Glulam beam.  But then it says for a built up beam i should use (3) 2x12's and (2) 1/2" pieces of plywood.  So am i really looking at 3 different options, or am i missing something?

Question 2:
So what am I really looking for in terms of a connector that will go on top of the 8" diameter concrete column??  Seems like there are multiple styles to handle the beam options above.

FYI, I am in NE Wisconsin if that would happen to affect your answers at all.


John Raabe

Sorry Willie: This slipped past me...

Q1 re: pier foundation beams on sheet 1.

Use the note on the plan that specs out either a glulam or a site built beam from 4 2x12's. Note the connectors and align the joints over the posts where possible.
The beam laminated w/ 3 2x and plywood is really only as strong as the three joists in the sandwich - the plywood acts as a spacer to fit the standard wall and hardware sizes. The four 2x will be close to a full 6" wide.

Q2 re: hardware to fit tops of piers.

These products can vary as to what is available where you are. Here is a link to a Simpson CB5-6 that has a full 6" throat for the built-up beam. You could also ask at the owner-builder forum what others have found to work. For instance, here is a connection that uses embedded straps bolted to the beams or posts: http://countryplans.com/smf/index.php?topic=7241.msg100227#msg100227
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