Victorica Cottage wall height

Started by highlandva, February 14, 2013, 05:24:26 PM

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I have these plans and will be starting my build in May.  I wanted to get the concept behind the 12' wall and balloon framing.  With the 6X12 beams leaving a 7'-7'6" of headroom, I was pondering about building an 8' 1st floor wall with double top plates and laying the Beams on top of that and then build a 4' wall on top of those.  Is there cost savings in doing it one way or another?  I guess the way I am thinking is like what I am familiar with in building a 2+ story structure today with the second floor joists laying on the top plates, just curious.  Thanks for your help!

John Raabe

The loft floor to wall detail on the large sheet 3 is not a requirement and the wall could be platform framed if desired. If you change the finish floor height for the loft level make sure you adjust for the roof extension over the kitchen pop-out as that will change as well.
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