1 1/2 story roof framing

Started by Baine, February 22, 2006, 04:40:54 PM

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We are in the planning stages of our project.  We plan to have a portion of the loft floored in and the remaining (~10') to remain open with the cathedral ceiling option.   What is the best way to tie-in the truss system section of the roof to a ridgeboard from the cathedral section?

Thanks in advance.


Sounds like you are combining the truss roof (sheet 4 of the plans) with the optional "Timber Style Open Beam Ceiling" labeled "Cathedral Ceiling details" in the booklet. When you combine 2x12 rafters with the trusses, note the shims called out in the Cath. detail to make the interior ceiling finishes of the two sections align.


Thanks John,

Could the Cathedral ceiling framing detail be used throughout the roof build with some of the loft floored-in?


Sure could, it would give you an exposed beam and deck floor and cathedral ceiling on the interior. Just tie the rafters and floor beams together every 4'.


Exactly the answer I was looking for!

Thanks John.