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Started by Jbakelaar, June 09, 2021, 09:44:13 PM

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Hi all!
I just entered a contract to buy 15 acres!
I'm trying to plan the first small building that I can live in while building the 1200 sq ft mansion ;)
I have my eyes on the small house plans.
Can anyone give me some general ballpark estimates for the cost of the building materials for each of the 3 small homes? Just the building material to get it walled in and liveable would be helpful? Trying to get a feel with current high material costs so any guidance would be appreciated!
Whatever it costs, it's better than paying rent!


Tough question to answer without knowing more specifics....Where are you located?  What type of foundation?  What type of finishes?  Well/Septic?  Grid tie or offgrid?   Are you building it or hiring it out? 

I believe the plans have a material list included, so you could fairly easily put a price to the lumber package at least....Or you could look at it from a per SF cost....  Most guidance is homes cost around 150$/SF, if you are going to build it yourself with builder grade finishes you can get that number significantly lower.....

Good luck with your build(s)....