Land in Western Oregon, near coast

Started by gbleuc, February 27, 2022, 08:41:22 PM

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Hi all,

It has been quite awhile since I've been on this forum; It's good to be back! :) In the time I've been away, I built a conversion van out of a 2018 Ford Transit I purchased. It turned out beautifully, although lots of work (non-square environment!). I'm full-timing in it traveling around, saving, and trying to decide where to purchase land for Phase 2: Cabin/small house building. Hoping folks on here can help! Here are the general parameters of what I'm looking for:

Safe place, quiet, not within earshot of any major highways, within 6hrs or so of Portland would be great (for work and travel), out of tsunami zone, flood plains, and other general natural disaster zones. Off grid would be great but am realistic about the fact that I'm looking in an area that may not have as much of that. Flat spot for building, access to water would be great. Here's the hard part: I'd like to be within 30 minutes of the coast. I'm an avid surfer and grew up with it as a lifestyle; While initially beginning to save for this, thought I could move to Eastern OR or Northern NM as it would be more affordable, but in the end realized that the intermittent surf trip just wasn't enough for me. If it means I need to wait and save more, so be it.

I've spent quite a bit of time on the Oregon coast, love Astoria (although it's grown quite a bit!), and am pretty amenable to ideas. Hoping there might be some folks with familiarity and input. It hasn't been easy connecting with a realtor as they don't care much about land sales.

Pre-pandemic, I had been planning around 100k for land. I know real estate has gone through the roof, so I am trying to be patient while also keeping morale up:)

I feel I should also say that I am open to anywhere, really, on the West coast, as long as it's close enough to the water.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts, input, encouragement, ideas, etc!!! I will post a more thorough update soon, with details on the last build.

Take care,