Advice needed for OKANOGAN county or DOUGLAS COUNTY, WA

Started by maggiethecat, April 05, 2021, 03:12:13 PM

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Hi everyone,
it's been years since I posted regularly on here. Suffice to say, things never worked out the way we planned.

I've been eyeing some owner financing land in Washington State and Okanogan County seems great! Also Waterville in Douglas County seems to have a couple of good places for sale.

I was wondering if anyone had any input on these areas.  We are looking to build with minimal government interference and minimal neighbor snooping. I hear Okanogan has a type of permitting called 60 day cabin for dwellings that aren't for living in for the entire year.

Also concerned about something somewhere about not being allowed to have septic and a well on the same property. Huh? Does anyone know anything about that?

I'd be very interested in hearing from you guys, I know a number of people here have built on there. Prefer land where husband and I can shoot for target practice without anyone calling the sheriff's office, haha!
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