24x36 house and 13 acres in central Kentucky

Started by zombie_slayer73, March 03, 2014, 04:08:01 PM

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Up for sale is my unfinished house as well as almost 14 acres of land that it sits on.  I bought the land a couple of years ago while I was still active duty in the Air Force.  In September 2012 I started to build my house.  The thread on the start of the build is located here, http://countryplans.com/smf/index.php?topic=12486.0   It is 24x36 with two stories.  As you can see in the pictures the house is unfinished.  I am wanting to sell my house and land because I'd like to live closer to my family.  I've spent most of my adult life in the military and would like to be able to see them more.  I would like to sell the house as soon as I can as some members in my family don't have the greatest of health.  I'm asking for $50,000 but I'm willing to negotiate of course.  It will take approximately $20,000 more to completely finish the house.  After that it will be worth over $100,000.  With the house being unfinished it means that you can finish the house however you'd like without having to tear anything down.  I put up pine in the bathroom so that room would at least be private. 

This house is off grid running completely off of solar panels.  For water I pump it over from my neighbors spring into the water tank, which is 1100 gallons.  I was doing this temporarily until I set up something to catch the rain water since there is so much surface space with this roof.  You would never run out of water with this set up with a water tank so big.  For people looking to live off grid and off the land this is a good deal.  I pay no utility bills at all.  My property taxes were less than $50 for 2013.  My neighbor payed less than $600 for his so that's about what you would be paying with this house when it is finished and after they come back out to value the house, whenever that may be.  There is a lot of clear space in front of the house for kids to play and animals to roam as well as to set up gardens, etc.  In 2012 I planted some apple, cherry and plum trees.  Also planted some grapes.  There is also a wood shed where you can store up to 10 ricks of firewood.  Gravel driveway leads up to the house from the road.  The house is internet ready as I have it set up.

I am currently living in the house with no problems.  The house is plenty warm even though this has been a really bad winter here so it will be more than comfortable in future winters.  As I sit here typing this on my couch it is 80 degrees according to the thermostat that is on my coffee table and according to accuweather it is 23 degrees outside.  And I have not even been feeding the fire a lot today.  Since the pics were taken I've insulated more of the house.  I got tired of dealing with frozen pipes so I plumbed everything with pex and had it inside the house instead of underneath.  As long as you don't let the inside of the house get below 30 degrees you won't have to worry about frozen pipes.  The only pipe that runs outside is from the water tank into the water pump in the house.  My neighbor is a good friend of mine and we share the use of a pond and a gun range that we split the cost of putting in.  You will also have access to that as well for swimming, fishing and shooting.

This is a brief description of the house and land.  I'm located about 50 minutes south of Louisville and an hour and a half from Lexington.  30 minutes in either direction you can get to Campbellsville and Elizabethtown.  Please call or text me if you have any questions or would like to come look at the house.  I am hoping to sell this house and land soon and I will be very open about anything about the house you'd like to know.  I can be messaged on here and my number is 781-281-4450.  Dave is my name.

That is a dryer sitting there that I'm going to sell.  It is the only reason it is there.


im just wondering if this is still for sale.  I know the ad is really old, but figured I would ask.