16' x 20' cabin design

Started by Caroline, December 17, 2006, 11:49:53 PM

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QuoteDo you think that aluminum clad wood windows would keep the rain out (imagine gusts of wet wet rain)? What about rot under the metal cladding over time?
Hey Caroline. I have no doubt that the aluminum clad wood windows would do the job keeping out the rain etc. My reason for being so sure is drawn from my experience with the Pella casement windows in particular. They're on the driveway/garage end of the house. When they're locked closed I can go outside and start my diesel up. Going back inside the house I cannot smell the smelly thing (especially smelly on a cold morning), BUT if I just lift the unlock handle there is an almost immediate smell of diesel inside the house. The gaskets they use seal 100% so no water inside either.  As for rot under the aluminum I would be surprised if that ever became a problem. Pella also has a special "seacoast" finish available for areas in close proximity to salt water. I think it's mainly a color fastness thing... check their website, I think it's   pella.com. Those Canadian windows looked okay as well. If they're made for the cold Canadian climate should be good. (I used to live in Canada... had triple pane sealed glass units and vinyl casements. Worked well.)  That's where I developed my dislike for solid aluminum windows because they frosted up real bad on the inside. I think there might be some aluminum windows with a thermal break built in to help with that problem.

Maybe PEG or someone has had some experience they can relate regarding windows in the Pacific NW??