Free ebook about "why" build your own home

Started by housebuilder, September 20, 2006, 10:33:33 AM

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This is a website that offers a free ebook that talks about "why" we should build our own small homes. The book is 48 easy to read pages that sheds a completely different light on the benefits of doing your own construction.

The website helps people understand how a little hard work can be the most rewarding thing they have ever done. It teaches owner/builders how to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest and how to use the equity to enhance their lifestyles.




This is a valuable free ebook that will give you many ideas and much good advice on building your own house.

I specifically suggest you read the part about financing a project and getting construction and mortgage loans AFTER you are under construction and have built up some sweat equity.

Direct link to PDF -

Jump to page 26 to read about their financing story.


John, I read about 20 pages - easy, fun reading - hey, he kinda thinks like a lot of us here at CountryPlans!  :) even to the politics  ;)