Volks Cottage: Can we stick frame the roof?

Started by maggiethecat, April 30, 2021, 09:26:42 PM

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Hi, I thought I'd ask here, is it okay to stick frame the Volks roof? Trusses can't get delivered to the secluded building site! If this roof can't be framed traditionally we might have to change our building plans.
There's just no way for a truck to get to the site.
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I'm not familiar with the plans for the Volks Cottage, but the residential code allows trusses or rafters.  The only issue I see with building with rafters is that you will need to include rafter ties that tie the walls together where the wall and rafter meet.  That's very common construction, and the rafter ties provide the framing to support the drywall ceiling.  It just doesn't allow you to have the cathedral ceiling as in the original plans.  Trusses would be engineered to meet your local conditions and resist the spreading force that otherwise would cause a rafter roof to fail.

You could also consider building with trusses but getting them on site in a different manner.  Having hauled about 20 tons of materials to our remote property, I'm now more aware of the various ways one could overcome the limitations imposed by difficult access.  It might seem too elaborate, but slinging the trusses beneath a helicopter is a viable way to get the trusses where you need them.
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Thank you tinkerer!

Unfortunately that property did not work out for us. The access "road" would have killed our car in no time and at this point in my life I need a less troublesome place for my kids.
Decorate your cabin/house/castle/compound/hellhole with original modern ART!