2x8 dimensional lumber "log" cabin build

Started by cbc58, February 16, 2023, 03:13:05 PM

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I recently came across this video of a guy building a "log" cabin using 2x8 dimensional lumber.  He did a great job and there is a whole series of videos on the build. 

I have a question on the weathering of the exterior at the horizontal joints where the "logs" join.  I can see rain dripping down and going into the joints over time.  Is there a way to guard against this so it does not happen?  Or is that not a concern at all?  I like the idea of building the logs off site like a kit, with total flexibility of design, and then bringing them to the build site and putting them together.  His build is worth watching...   



I've watched that build, definitely an interesting approach.  I've seen a guy named stoney 'I think' on other forums, who has a design packet for this approach.  I'm not sure if he addresses your concern but I do think it is valid.  

I always try to use large overhangs on my buildings to limit the amount of water actually hitting the walls.  And I'm used to lap siding where gravity is working to your advantage, this approach doesn't provide that benefit....  


I guess it wouldn't be difficult to put another layer of siding over this if issues did start to appear.  Which leads me to another question:  how would you do that?  Can you lay insulating foil directly onto the wood sides and then nail vinyl or Masonite or wood onto it?  or would that cause a moisture problem.  Would it require furring strips to create an air gap and then more sheathing and then siding?  Trying to think ahead...