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Started by Amanda_931, May 01, 2006, 10:10:27 PM

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It's how he built his house--mostly local (sometimes very local), round wood + straw bale + off grid+ summer kitchen + cruck type framing + permitted (that is more of a story than most of us have to put up with) + the making of it made a hit TV show in the UK.  

The Woodland House

Nice too.  He figured that he had to have siding over the bales for damp England.  So he's using the kind of rough siding that Glenn has on his garage.  He'd also lived right there for years, so he didn't even have to think what the differences in microclimate and so on were up the hill a bit.  

In this edition the paper is a bit strange, and it's not a very big book.  Lots of color pictures, though.

Law wrote an earlier book on managing your forest using permaculture (The Woodland Way) which I really enjoyed even if it didn't tell me a whole lot about what to do with my 20+ acres of woods.

Amazon doesn't have it yet.  Chelsea Green is happy to send you a copy, if you just have to have it soon.  For 20% off list.  Not as much as Amazon's usual discount but....