Cordwood Construction (for walls)

Started by admin, November 01, 2004, 12:41:36 PM

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Here is a good site for Cordwood construction:

Thanks to James S.

glenn kangiser

This is really cool and I would like to do a wall of it sometime - and the blowing plastic tarp reminds me of so much stuff I haven't finished already  ;D

From things I have read on it:

Keep in mind that a softwood is best and it should be cut into the lengths you want and stacked to dry at least a year ahead of time.  Wood doesn't start shrinking until the excess moisture is out then it takes a while.  Lime treated sawdust between the inner and outer mortar makes good insulation.

 I have seen logs that have been down a couple years and were still very wet, especially if laying on wet ground where there various fungus types start pulling moisture in to decompose it.
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