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Started by Homegrown Tomatoes, July 29, 2008, 09:32:46 PM

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Homegrown Tomatoes

Several guys that work with DH have told him about a place in Okarche, Oklahoma that makes the "best fried chicken in the world."  I don't know what possessed us, but we decided to try it tonight.  It is called Eischen's Bar, and a sign brags that it is the 'oldest bar in Oklahoma'.  So, we drove out there and sure enough, it was just a bar... but the chicken smelled so good from a block away that we went on in, three kids in tow.  Not too many bars have booster seats and high chairs, but there were a lot of kids and people from all walks of life and all ages.  Head-banging music blared from a speaker and it was dark and crowded, and thankfully not smoky because Oklahoma has pretty tough anti-smoking laws.  Not the kind of place I'd typically take my kids, but I have to say it was some darn good chicken.  The menu isn't really diverse, but they serve onions, pickles, and bread with the chicken, and we also ordered some fried okra.  I've had my cholesterol intake for the month! :P ;D  But if you're ever in western OK, you should stop in and try it.  There were tags in the parking lot from Michigan, Texas, Iowa, and Kansas as well as OK... there were several Texans. Interesting experience.  My ears are still ringing.