2300 sqft unfinished house in Gretna, VA $35,700.00

Started by S_hooper24, June 05, 2008, 06:55:49 PM

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Great Deal on a 2300 3 bedroom 2 bath house   house is sound no problems just don't have the cash to finish it ..so this would be a wonderful opportunity for someone who does.  Brick ranch with slab foundation concrete block walls and stud interior sits on 1.18 acres surrounded by wonderful views and a Cattle Farm. Interior needs to be finished drywall, some electrical, new flooring.  Has new windows tilt in version 36 x 62" spacious rooms and walk in closets...have plenty of pics just email S_Hooper24@yahoo.com or call 434-656-1078


Sonja, we don't promote advertising without the member contributing to the other topics under discussion. This post, and your others, pretty much look like advertising. We have this topic here more for active members in the discussions to post buy/sell/other land stories. If you have ideas or thoughts on any of the General, Off Topics or other subjects please contribute. However if all you have to contribute are basic advertisements we would ask you to desist. Thanks MD
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Actually I found this site by looking up cabins.  I am currently building a 12 x 12 cabin on 20 acres and have found the info on this site extremely helpful.  Sorry if I have stepped on any toes but I thought this was the place to post ..to let others who might be looking for land or homes...Was I wrong?? seems to me others have posted here???   I will be glad to post pics of my current building site ...Ghee what a welcom ???


Well, I'm very happy to hear that you found our site useful. It's just that we have seen many others make multiple posts that seem to be more like commercial advertisements for their own business interests, without ever contributing thoughts, ideas, critiques, questions, answers on the many other available topics. That's not what CountryPlans is about. I don't mean to be overly critical or unfriendly, but we do like participation wherever you may feel comfortable. We'd love to see your project.
Just because something has been done and has not failed, doesn't mean it is good design.

glenn kangiser

Sorry about the misunderstanding, Sonja.

You would not believe the attempts the spammers make to get their junk on the forum.  I had another one the other day posting stuff as fast as I could pull it off and things like that is more what Don was thinking of.

Your post above is fine and we really want you to share your project with us.  I can't believe the price difference in the rest of the world as opposed to the peoples republic of California.  Over here a place like that would start at about 150K.

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Gretna Va

Boy that brings back some memories. I spent the summers of my early 20's there driving back and forth between Richmond altivista and gretna. Had a blast. Use to love eating at Jacks. I bet it is still there. They charged for the packs of Ketchup. :P I'll never forget that. One day I asked about it and the girl working told me if you ate it they were free but most of the kids around liked making Ketchup bombs with it. I thought this was a joke or just a cheep skate manager untill I saw one Explode. [shocked]
Is it still a one horse town?

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