Texas panhandle - house and 170 acres for sale

Started by JackB, February 16, 2008, 12:43:49 AM

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I've just run across this forum and I may have some property somebody may be interested in.  I've just purchased another nearby farm where I will be moving and building a house.  I therefore need to sell my current place.

Approx 2400 sq ft brick home in good condition.  3 bedroom, 2.75 baths.  Livestock shed and pens.  170 acres of native grassland available with the house.  Rolling terrain bordering a small creek.

I can sell the house with either 10 acres ($110,000) or the whole 170 acres ($175,000).

Location is Hutchison County, Texas.  Approximately 5 miles from the community of Morse (pop 250).  17-25 miles from a few larger (pop 1500-3000) towns.  90 miles north of Amarillo.  PM for more info.

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Welcome to the Forum, JackB.

Thanks for posting that.  You never know -- sounds like a good deal.
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Just remember there is only ONE strand of barbed wire between Canada and Amarillo to hold the cold weather back, and it does not do a very good job ....