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Started by Homegrown Tomatoes, January 04, 2008, 12:43:39 AM

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Homegrown Tomatoes

I just finished a watching a documentary called The Devil's Playground about Amish teens and the Rumspringa.  Very interesting... I knew that they were allowed some freedom during the later teen years, but had no idea just how wild it got.  There was an interview with the Shipshewana (spelling?) police and they were saying that some of the wildest, biggest parties were actually thrown by the Amish teens.  I was surprised at the fact that one of the girls was saying that everyone is almost expected to get drunk and party hard during that time, even though the girls don't usually dress "english" and so forth.  I knew some pretty wild kids in high school (none of whom were Amish :)) but they didn't hold a candle to these teens.  It was really surprising.  I was pretty conservative growing up, and had quite a few friends who were raised similarly, but when we went off to college, I remember folks warning my mom that though I'd been a good kid, I would get into all kinds of trouble in college.  It didn't happen.  But a lot of my friends that I thought were also pretty conservative ended up really messed up, or at least having a few years of sowing wild oats... the ones who were pretty wild earlier seemed to grow up and get on with their lives and were surprisingly put-together.  Wild for me was staying up till midnight and drinking Coca-cola to cram for a test. ;D
Anyway, it was really interesting... I found myself really wanting to know what ever happened to some of the kids after the documentary was finished...