Antique bathtub, sinks, doors, windows, faucets

Started by Alfie01, June 02, 2007, 09:04:29 AM

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I have a building in old Florida that has three small apartments.  There are many items in this building that have not been touched in 60 years but are in great condition and I would consider letting them go for a very good price.  The clawfoot tub is a small 5' porcelain tub incredible original condition and does not need restoration and has a working faucet. The bathroom sinks are the small porcelain ones and have working faucets also.   The doors and windows are a mixture of wood panel and wood with glass panes.  Everything is in working order.  Any of these items would be great for a small house or cabin.  Any one interested?  Please call 772-285-0851 .

I just got a digital camera and will try to get some pictures but first I have to learn how to work it

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This sounds like it could be of interest to our members so I will move it to referral links and look forward to seeing some pictures. :)

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