10 ft vs 12 ft studs

Started by Wibekah, March 10, 2005, 05:29:00 PM

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The 1 1/2 story plans call for 10 ft studs.  Is there any drawback to changing them to 12 ft studs?  We've already had the plans with the 10 ft studs approved but we're thinking of changing to 12 ft studs and wonder if it's going to be a big deal with our building dept.


It might change things since you are lengthening the lever arm on the wall.

Here in Western WA, the height limit for non-engineered stud walls is 10' (open walls not tied with loft joists)

Your mileage may differ and even if they require engineering it might be worth it for the extra headroom.


Hi John,

If I am understanding you correctly, since we are planning a full ceiling with no open area, lenthening the studs to 12 feet shouldn't really be an issue for us.

By the way, it's been very slow going but we have our footings done and are about half way through with the stem wall for our floating slab.  In all honesty, if I had it to do over again, I'd contract out the slab or at least the footings.



That's right. Keeping the walls tied together with the loft rafters makes them act as a collar tie. This stabilizes the tall walls and supports the roof rafters outward inclination.

With studs that length you may need to go to engineered or finger jointed lumber to keep them straight.

Congratulations on learning concrete work! That is something most folks sub out and my hat is off to anyone who have the courage to tackle it.