Handy Tips - Time Savers, etc.

Started by glenn-k, February 26, 2007, 11:38:59 AM

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From the recent job thread I remembered a tip from my motel painting days.  Lets collect our tips and timesavers here.

If you are not done, don't clean that brush or roller.  Just put a plastic bag over it, squeezing out the air and tie the top off.  It will be ready to go and already loaded for the next day.  You can do this for multiple days or somewhat longer.

If you load the roller well (not excess though) it covers first time with minimal extra rolling. Many times painting with a roller and latex can be done without covering carpets if you aren't real sloppy.  Occasional drips can be cleaned up from the carpet immediately or quite soon with waterless hand cleaner (non-pumice type) followed by a good wet sponge or rag cleaning.