Free Office Suite - Open Office v2.0.3

Started by vern38, August 23, 2006, 07:56:55 AM

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If you need a complete office suite that is cross compatible with MS Office Corel Office and others go to and download Open Office Version 2.0.3. It is free of charge and it will just about take care of any office software need you might have. Note: If you a super power user you will have to Buy MS Office but for the average software end user Open Office will be more than you need. ;)

PS: It is a 92.3MB download.



Is anyone using Writely -

It is the free Google on-line word processor.

Here is the help page -

I'm going to spend a bit of time with it today.

(PS - Just opened a complex formatted Word doc and was able to edit and print OK). It has a good HTML editor! Looks like it formats everything into HTML.


Don't remember if they are listed here somewhere else or not but --- Free -

Google Docs and Spreadsheet.

Looks like Writely John posted above has been incorporated into this.