Wanted: Land in Oklahoma

Started by Kim_OK, January 18, 2007, 05:58:18 PM

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Hi all!  I'm new here.

My husband and I are on the lookout for a little patch of land to call our own.  We are located in Oklahoma and are looking in the OKC area... of course out of town a bit, preferrably no longer than a 30-40 min. commute into Norman and/or OKC.  We love the Cleveland Co. and surrounding area.  

We hope to one day build (owner-build) so the land does not have to have any existing dwellings-- or if it did, they do not have to be in excellent condition or anything.

Hoping for at least 5 acres.  Will consider as little as 2, as much as 10.  Wooded, undeveloped okay.  We prefer NOT to buy from a developer and HATE subdivisions/modern housing.  We would prefer to buy from someone who has something no longer useful or from someone who is willing to divide and sell part of their own land.
thanks! Kim


Hi Kim.  Glad you made it to the forum.

Have you made it further on your future building plans yet.



Hey there!

I'm still reading and trying to get educated.  I'd like to find a local owner-builder mentor in my area (which I need to create a post here to see if there are any Okies on board, except I'm reading posts and haven't gotten around to it yet.)  

To be honest, I'm almost too overwhelmed.  I know little to nothing about how to get started, even with reading.  That's where I think an experienced local mentor will come in handy.  And participating in this forum also.  I'm only one person, a married female and my husband doesn't fully understand the entire owner builder concept.  He's supportive, but not totally sold.  He likes to go to work, I like to stay home and dream.  Anyway, one day I hope to "finally arrive."  


Keep studying and asking questions.  We have many members who were wondering if they could do it - knew very little and are now living in their own houses built by themselves.  I've seen it happen in about 2 years or less in some cases.  

Very few have dug a hole like me but we have a wide range here.  Check out the owner builder projects section of the forum.  Ask a question and a dozen people will jump to help you out.

It's like a game-- our reward is seeing you succeed, and you will find yourself learning things that had not even crossed your mind. :)


Will do!!  I look forward to learning from all you guys (and gals)!  

Expect to see me pop up every once in awhile!

Thanks Glenn!


Kim, it would be a bit far from Norman, but not bad to OKC... Luther has pretty nice land at more reasonable prices than the surrounding areas, and if you are willing to drive a bit further, Tryon is in the middle of nowhere, has no real building codes, etc., and land is reasonable.   Luther is really close to Guthrie/Edmond, so  not bad for commuting.  We lived in Tryon in the past, and while it lacks a bit of culture and refinement, land is cheap and generally people are friendly.  Some of the outlying areas are pretty, if you can find something without abandoned oil wells on it, anyway.  HOever, if you do buy land with an old oil well, the OERB is cleaning them up now for free.  You might also look around Wellston.  Again, kind of far to Norman... but not bad to the city.  Pottawatomie county is not bad, but you need a storm shelter, because you know good and well every time that there's a tornadic storm in the area, Gary England will be calling for Pottawatomie county to take shelter immediately (I've come to the conclusion through the years that he just likes to say "Pottawatomie".  I don't know what land goes for around Little Axe, but that might get you closer to the Sooners.  Good luck!