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Started by glenn-k, November 14, 2006, 12:24:12 PM

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This link has many free programs that can be useful to anyone with a computer.

Open Office is an alternative to MS Office.

This is from the makers of FoxLingo which is a translation extension for Firefox - translates in tons of languages.


More and more the web is becoming the place where you run programs. Here are two examples of software you need not buy or even load onto your computer. You just run them online when you need them.

Writely - this is Google's on-line word processor which has been recently updated with spreadsheet features. You can write, edit and collaborate with others on a document in a browser window. Then publish to a blog, print or save it as a word or excel file. - Google Docs & Spreadsheets

Edit Movies - Jumpcut allows you to upload movie clips and then drag and drop them into a timeline. You can add transitions, titles, music and special effects. Then publish the movie on-line in a YouTube like environment. Quick Tutorial.