Amanda's treehouse and barn and....

Started by Amanda_931, August 28, 2006, 09:55:47 PM

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I haven't been sitting around on my duff cause we have some reasonable weather here although it has been a little chilly. But even at that I am starting to get cabin fever. Imagine if I was really cooped up.


I've got a door in the barn room--actually I've had the door for a long time, but now it's in.

Had a kid with some construction experience working along with me and Alma.  So we tackled it.  It opens and closes.  the plexiglass for the window has been cut but not fastened.  And still no handle, but we figured out how to put the lock in.

I was hoping to get the roof for the earth oven done with him to help.  But he's supposed to go to Florida this weekend.  Durn.  

I need to take pictures.

Oh, heck, this week it might even stay warm enough to try plastering the remaining wall, and putting in the last window.


No plastering "this" week.  (for this project this is Friday!)  This morning it was 18 with ice and frozen ground.

But we got a handle and a lock on the door.  Handle's a big chunk of something--probably hickory, with one edge scooped out to give a handhold.  There's a twig on the inside.  No clues as to how long that will last.

Hard to tell from this angle, but the top step is very oval, and the bottom one is screwed into it.

And, as somebody pointed out, they work fine until the gravel level gets low and you catch your toe on the tire.