In Hohenwald TN this Saturday June 24 '06

Started by Amanda_931, June 20, 2006, 09:01:14 PM

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One of the least useful websites--or posters--I've ever seen.  

Friend of mine is doing a presentation on his (two--one quite old, one pretty new) solar hot water systems at 4:30.  Neither cost him much, he's a decent welder, a good scrounger, and an old HVAC technician.  

He is operating on the assumption that most of this will be at the courthouse (North on state highway 48--towards Centerville--from U.S. highway 412 in the middle of town.  Sure can't tell from the website.  And there are no waterfalls there.  Since there is a very nice one that has just recently been declared a natural area off of U.S. highway 43 that may be the waterfall.

But in addition to the music, there are supposed to booths involving various sustainable or otherwise green stuff, with people from The Farm and others, some quite close to me but I've never met them.