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Started by Amanda_931, June 18, 2006, 08:59:12 PM

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Somewhere near Taos, cute wind machine, all sustainable, story told by an intern on the project (I think).

Not really suitable for dial-up modems.  


Charmaine Taylor posted this on another list.


I recognize that home from when we went to Taos in 04 to look at Earthships. Back then we were trying to figure out what sort of house to build. We were considering rammed earth and earthship designs, but realized that the cost and labor was going to be too much.
I still think that many of the concepts behind such designs are good, though. We just decided that for our immediate needs a FirstDay home would work, and then we were thinking of building a Mike Oehler style place on our 20 acres in the mountains as a retreat. We're hoping to be able to afford to go off-grid, in fact it may pay to do it since the power company wants so much to hook us up.

I did take a snapshot of that house from a distance. I attached it here. It looks like it was still in the construction phase then.
The house is right in the big Earthship community, not far from the Earthship demonstration house. It's a real big home, probably 4-5,000 sq ft.