Greenguard and interior air quality

Started by Amanda_931, May 24, 2006, 09:49:09 AM

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There's now a rating service for products meeting indoor air quality standards, called Greenguard.  The treehugger story was about office chairs from IZZY.  There is a list of standards for air quality for "children and schools," looking at phthalates, VOC's, aldehydes, and particles (dust).  Kind of hard for us to measure, I'd think.  Don't think my house would pass the dust one though.

First I heard of it was a story this morning in treehugger--in the May 24th crop of stories:

Greenguard's web site:


Another very good certification process that will take into account long term energy and resource usage is the LEED program.

Here is a direct link to information on HOMES - (the program is very involved with commercial buildings as well).