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Started by Kin(Guest), May 09, 2006, 07:32:52 AM

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I have found new website called it contains production rates and good rich content.


The Unit Conversion Calculator from the above site is a free download and quite powerful.


How many centimeters in a parsec.

I've always wanted to know that.

(or at least what a parsec is),

Mind you I'm not quite sure I'm any clearer on it.  but doesn't the definition mean that parsecs vary by

a) what direction the desired object is--if the earth was in line with the sun and the object there couldn't ever be 1 second of arc difference

or b) how close the object is--wouldn't work for Saturn, for instance--but I guess it says that.

c) not to mention where the various objects are NOW, as opposed to a couple of light years ago.

Aaaahhh, but Google's calculator assures me that a parsec is:

1 Parsec = 3.08568025 × 1016 meters

A parsec is defined as the distance from the Sun which would result in a parallax of 1 second of arc as seen from Earth,


where ly is a light-year. The word "parsec" is an abbreviation and contraction of the phrase "parallax second."
Since distances of nearby objects can be determined directly using parallax observations combined with elementary geometry, the parsec was historically used to express the distances of astronomical objects from the Earth. This tendency has been carried over to some extent so that distances to objects are still often expressed in units of parsecs instead of light-years.


That's a bit deep for me Amanda.  I try to wonder about simpler things. :-/


For the people that do not want to down load another program on their computer.
This is the conversion tool I use at work on a daily basis.


Deep in the construction libray pages I found this.

Free structural software..
This might be more than anyone here would ever need. But it is cool to check them out.  
Someone find a good one we can use in all of those listed..

click on the link then look for the Free Software button on the left side of the page.

Some of the Cad Software

DesignWorkshop Lite - creates 3D models, walk-throughs and renderings, from sketch to presentation, for home design and visualization of architecture, landscapes, exhibits, or any spatial design projects. Free 3D Software

CADVANCE 6.5 for Windows - This is a re-release of CADVANCE Version 6.5, a CAD software system designed for Windows 3.1, but yet also runs on Windows 95/98 and NT. Originally released in 1995 at a suggested retail price of $1950, it is now available to anyone free of charge for the software.  This is not a demo, but a full working version.

QCad is a free open-source 2D CAD system for Linux, various Unices and Windows. The
developers main goals are to build a stable, fast and easy to use CAD for everyone. One doesn't need any knowledge of a CAD program to start working with QCad.     ****

CadStd Lite
Free 2-D CAD program. ***

MINOS v. 2.1
Minos is a free, full 3D Solid CAD System.


Thanks for clearing that up Amanda!?  :o

Thanks for the links Jimmy - that length calculator is more snappy for that type of conversion.


Actually, I think a parsec is what google says it is--a specific length.

(but I've been reading about people using the moons of Jupiter to calculate longitude, so I got confused--and besides the guy's diagrams don't have a light year on them that I saw.)