Floor joists on beam or hangers

Started by Kruppstahl, July 19, 2019, 08:50:41 AM

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Howdy,  I'm new here.  I'm positive this has been covered elsewhere, But... should 2x8 floor joists spaced 16"OC rest on the beam? or, what are the advantages to using joist hangers attached to the Beam?  planning a small 30x30 framed cabin built on pier and beams.  Piers spaced 10.66 feet apart.  Triple 2x10 beams.  Location is southeast Oklahoma, not alot of snow load there, probably more uplift issues than anything.   I'm open to suggestions from ya'll thanks.


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Residential code allows either way.  If there will be any plumbing or other utilities installed, having the joists resting on the beams allows for a little more usable space under the floor.

Speaking of code, make sure you know what your county expects as far as compliance with code.  Piers and beams don't meet code for a foundation, and your jurisdiction may or may not require it.
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I agree with ChugiakTinkerer, check code but either way works well. I'm building a 28'x36' cabin on piers and you can see how I did it here: https://imgur.com/gallery/K3yyF5X

This cabin is as solid as they come too.