Western Union - don't waste your time and money

Started by glenn kangiser, May 22, 2017, 09:00:28 PM

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glenn kangiser

I am happy to ask everyone to join me in a boycott of Western Union when sending money if possible.  They just wasted about 12 hours of my time.  :o

I went to send money to some college students in  Thailand, whom I have been helping with charity projects over the years, even visiting them for a week in Cambodia when they were in charge of the SDA School compound.

Western Union took the money I was going to send, then held it and refused to send it in case it was not safe for me, they said even after I argued with their rep on the phone for 15 minutes or so.  They then returned my money refusing to complete the transfer though they returned the fees along with the money after I drove an hour away to a bigger agent to get my money back. All together about 12 hours and 200 miles wasted before I got it sent through Moneygram.

In researching I found out that their fees are double what Moneygram fees are, as they take a large fee from the exchange rate also.  Moneygram gave my friends an extra $25 or so in the exchange.

Never again will i use Western Union.  Please join me.  Thanks for listening to my rant. [ouch]
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