What did you do today?

Started by Adam Roby, April 15, 2017, 08:10:55 AM

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 I do like eastern redcedar. The logs came from down the mountain, Rick went down this morning and grabbed 5 small logs and called when he was coming back up. They are fairly uncommon here, they carry cedar-apple rust so have been removed as much as possible through time. These will go into their house that I helped restore. He's checked out on my mill so I got to work the tail end and admire the boards coming off. I think we got enough for their closet lining and a blanket chest or two.


Darn, off to wrench today. We were loading out on the mountaintop yesterday and my truck wouldn't start. Hopefully it's just a coil.


We have a great deal of cedar on our property. Am hoping to find someone locally to mill some for us.