Well, THAT was easy!

Started by MushCreek, June 28, 2016, 06:28:54 AM

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I'm still working on projects around the place, and always will be, I guess. The latest was to run permanent power out to the barn, after 4 years of using an extension cord. I pulled the appropriate permit ($15) and set to work. I rented a trencher to cut the 120' through our clay hard pan, which is slightly softer than concrete. I glued up 2" PVC conduit, and pulled my cable through. After roughing everything in, I called for an inspection. He came out and signed off on the underground, rough-in, and permanent power. All that was left was to button it up and have my final inspection.

That's where the easy part comes in. I finished everything up in a couple days, and scheduled an inspection for last Friday. I was pretty annoyed to sit around all day, and have the inspector not show up. In all of the inspections I've had over the last 5 years, this was a first. On Saturday, I went to the inspection website to re-schedule the final. Lo and behold- I had passed the final inspection! Now, I've had them phone in a progress inspection, but a final?!? Oh well, it's not like I'm gonna call up and complain. I know and trust my own work. I suspect that most folks out here do a job like that without the benefit of permits and inspections.

At any rate, now I can run my compressor and MIG welder! Time to get caught up on all of my projects that have been accumulating over the last 5 years.

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