Knee wall truss 2nd story garage

Started by trouter2251, January 12, 2013, 05:14:56 PM

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I want the same pitch(7/12) that my house has.  I'm thinking about running the knee wall down the side and attaching to the floor truss as shown.  I do work in metal fabrication.  I could put one heck of a ridge beam in, but is it necessary?  I don't want the knee walls pushing out.

Ground has not been broke.   


If you can get the ceiling joists into the lower third of the roof's height then it is considered to be adequately restrained. The tension strut is a no go. Although steel shines in tension, wood does best in compression for bracing and braces in tension in a frame are generally ignored. With these tied out to points in span on an engineered floor truss would require design to account for it.  With a garage below trusses might be the best option. I can't read the dimensions but it looks like a ridgebeam would be about 36' long if you need to keep the floor below clear, that would be a monster.