place near Taos, NM?

Started by carroll, December 14, 2011, 02:52:31 AM

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Thanks, Shooter!

I looked at their video -- I have to run out now, but I'll give them a call later.  Thanks for giving me a head's up about it!



More like near Carrizozo... The name Valle de Sol is appropriate... it's not the most pleasant place in the summer.  It's not normally like that. Kinda hot, brown, dry, and windy.  They sure make it look green and attractive though on their website, so the photos must have been taken after a rain.  Covenants and restrictions I would think too.

White Oaks, a very tiny town in the mountains just north of there is very interesting.  Lots of history.

East of there-- Smokey Bear District is just lovely country, around Capitan and Lincoln.  We seriously considered this property in Lincoln, just lovely..., it is 40 acres of some bottomland and more upland and a fixable (?) old house, and has been on the market for several years.

Lincoln has some pretty heavy historical zoning. The property is divided by the state highway too, which is probably why they are having trouble selling it.  There's a lot of raw land available in the area too. North of the Capitan Mountains is a remote special place.


Look at Timberon, also.  We have a lot down there.  They put a new road in a few years back which helped.  Still too far from Abq for a weekend place.
New Mexico.  Better than regular Mexico.


RATS!  I just lost my post somewhere -- at least I'm not alone in doing that, hee, hee!

Thanks everyone -- I'm still mooning over the Tres Orejas casita, but I'm looking at all the places y'all have suggested -- I'm trying not to get too interested in any place that has covenants (but, then again, lots of places will have them that don't have them now, unfortunately!)

I appreciate everyone's suggestions -- please let me know if any of you think of anywhere else . .  . .


let me post this before I accidentally delete it!