Making a dry space under your deck

Started by UK4X4, April 28, 2011, 11:43:36 AM

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Some suppliers of plastic- and aluminum systems for making dry areas under a deck

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DEK Drain comes to you as pre-cut, pre-gauged, pre-measured flexible panels. These panels are installed over the joists of a new deck after the framing is complete but before the decking is installed. DEK Drain is designed for installation during new construction or when re-decking an existing deck. DEK Drain UNDERSIDE® is designed for installation on existing decks where the decking is already affixed in place.

DRY-B-LO is the first Professionally Installed (introduced in 1993) deck drain system engineered, designed and patented for the specific purpose of converting wet, unusable space below raised decks to attractive, clean and dry outdoor living areas. It is an all aluminum system professionally installed under raised decks that will never rust. The baked-on finish means you will never have to worry about repainting.

DrySnap is made of vinyl ceiling panels that collect and drain water away from your new dry space. It provides a maintenance free ceiling that covers the unsightly underside of your deck, turning it into a clean, bright, dry outdoor space.

TimberTech's DrySpace is a revolutionary drainage system that channels water away from a house's foundation so that the area under a deck is transformed into dry, usable space. Perfect for second story decks, DrySpace easily secures to the joist of any new or existing deck creating more recreational space or additional storage areas.

RainEscape®. is concealed under your decking to provide you the ability to finish your outdoor living environment. Water simply runs down the RainEscape® troughs to the RainEscape® downspouts and into a rain gutter to give you a space that is dry below your upper deck. The ease of installation makes RainEscape®'s DECK DRAINAGE SYSTEM is your best choice for new construction or remodeling your outdoor living space. The RainEscape® system fits both 12" and 16" joist spacing and is easily modified to fit 24" joist spacing,.

Undercover Systems, Inc. is the manufacturer of a quality modular designed roof system for the underside of decks.  It's so good, it's PATENTED!  Patent number: 6,226,941.The under deck ceiling system is made up of individual ceiling panels and integrated gutters that both collect water from the system and also are the support members for the ceiling.  The Undercover System's panels are self sealing.  Mitered joints and downspout connections are sealed with urethane caulk to create the seals in the joint areas.  The Gutter/support system is sealed to the structure with silicone caulk. 

UnderDeck® is a new innovative maintenance free ceiling system that installs to the underside of second level decks. It creates a clean, dry, bright area with positive drainage away from your home allowing you to use your new space rain or shine.